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The well-maintained 130+ unit IL community, located in a major Southwest market, was experiencing positively trending operating performance supported by sustained cash flow growth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The seller invested significant equity into the physical plant of the community to ensure best-in-class amenities while providing the highest quality senior housing services within the local market.

In early 2020, through a competitive and confidential marketing process, Blueprint procured multiple offers for this property and had gone under LOI. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, both buyer and seller mutually agreed to pause that transaction.

After successfully representing this seller in the second quarter of 2021, Blueprint advised they also transact on this second community with the same buyer group to ensure execution certainty and value maximization.

By leveraging a strong relationship with both buyer and seller, Blueprint was able to coordinate a successful transaction between both parties, closing the deal within 120 days of going under LOI.

Southwest by Southwest

Blueprint successfully advises valued client on their second independent living community sale of 2021 by leveraging prior transaction

Ben Firestone

Giancarlo Riso

Amy Sitzman

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