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Blueprint is pleased to announce the successful sale of Oak Ridge Nursing and Rehab, a 180-bed skilled nursing facility located in El Dorado, Arkansas. Blueprint conducted an exclusive sales process on behalf of the long-time owner seeking to exit the business.
Fifty years after the acquisition of Oak Ridge Nursing and Rehab and it becoming one of the first in the state to certify students in the Nurse Aide Program, Blueprint orchestrated the culmination of an epic run of ownership and loyal leadership within the community.

It began when two young Queen’s Nurses from Europe voyaged across the Atlantic to serve as public health nurses in Canada.

Their journey then led them to Alaska and eventually to southwest Arkansas where they discovered a local nursing home for sale.

Having already spent several years in healthcare services, the women decided Oak Ridge would be their next venture in their mission to serve others.

Road to El Dorado

Sale of 180-bed skilled nursing facility in El Dorado, Arkansas

Michael Segal

Brooks Blackmon

Ben Firestone

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