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The 2016 & 2018 built communities total 76 units (36 and 40 respectively), are located in highly desirable and growing submarkets, and were developed and managed by an experienced and industry-leading operator.
Both assets leased-up rapidly and demonstrated consistent upward trending operational performance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with occupancies exceeding 95%, while generating $5.9 Million in Total Revenue, and $1.9 Million in EBITDAR representing a 32.5% operating margin.

Blueprint was tasked by the Client to identify a strategic partner that would accomplish two goals: 1) maximize the economics of the two communities, and 2) also look to grow alongside the operator as they leverage their strong Southwest roots.

After running a highly confidential and competitive marketing process, Blueprint successfully procured a strategic partner and structured a Sale-Manageback resulting in top of market pricing for standalone memory care deals.

Red River Partnership

Blueprint successfully advises client on recapitalization of two newly constructed Class-A standalone MC communities located in the Oklahoma City & Dallas Fort-Worth MSAs

Amy Sitzman

Giancarlo Riso

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