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Prayers Answered in Temple

Blueprint leverages confidential and strategic marketing process to successfully advise institutional client on second REO vacant healthcare asset in Texas
The newly constructed, 70-unit healthcare property was originally developed by Mainstreet but never operated, resulting in a turnkey purpose-built transitional care facility
Although developed as a turnkey, purpose-built transitional care facility, the property featured outstanding construction quality and design features, therefore it was suitable for a variety of healthcare uses

Blueprint positioned the deal as a unique opportunity to acquire a state-of-the-art healthcare property, at an attractive basis, providing an incoming investor the flexibility to own and/or operate the facility as a transitional care facility or explore alternative healthcare uses

After running a highly competitive process, Blueprint identified a sophisticated and experienced Texas-based real estate investor who structured a lease with a national healthcare system based out of Southern California and will operate the facility as a specialty post-acute hospital

The transaction price was $10,507,000, or approximately $150,000 per unit

Amy Sitzman

Giancarlo Riso

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