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Blueprint conducted an exclusive sale process on behalf of a publicly traded REIT and national operator. Seeking a strategic divestment of the asset that caters to higher acuity residents than the operator is accustomed, the seller engaged Blueprint for its regional expertise and unmatched network of active investors.
Built in 1994, the purpose-built community experienced a recent shift in leadership and operational performance had declined as a result. Blueprint developed a tailored marketing campaign to highlight the operational upside for a potential buyer with experience managing communities for elevated senior care needs.

Blueprint cultivated a highly targeted list of local and regional investors to market the offering. The greatest motivation, and ultimate buyer, came from a private owner-operator with focus on expanding its footprint in the Midwest. Blueprint remained active and engaged with all parties throughout the due diligence process and closed the transaction approximately 60 days following offer acceptance.

Deal Makin' in Dayton

Sale of a 113-unit assisted living and memory care community located in Dayton, Ohio

Michael Segal

Ben Firestone

Connor Doherty

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