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The 94-unit vacant facility was originally developed by Mainstreet in 2017 and designed to be operated as an assisted living and transitional care facility, however the property was foreclosed on and as a result was never operational.
The property is strategically located just 0.2 miles from Banner Estrella Medical Center as well as two other major hospitals within an 8-mile radius.

After foreclosing on the real estate, the Seller tasked Blueprint to run a confidential marketing process aimed at maximizing both value and execution certainty given Blueprint’s extensive track record of success in Arizona.

To that end, Blueprint leveraged its expert knowledge of the most active buyers in the Southwest and sourced multiple competitive bids, ultimately advising the Seller to move forward with a sophisticated Buyer whom Blueprint had successfully transacted with earlier in the year.

Blueprint worked expeditiously with all parties to close the deal 120 days after going under LOI.

Blueprint Healthcare and the Order of the Phoenix

Blueprint advises institutional client in complex sale of recently built vacant healthcare property in Phoenix, Arizona

Amy Sitzman

Giancarlo Riso

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