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Blueprint was engaged by a national private equity fund to run a competitive marketing process for their only remaining Standalone Memory Care asset, a 38-unit community in an affluent neighborhood in Oklahoma City
Built in 2010, the community had strong historical occupancy but was negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and was in the early stages of a performance rebound

The community was positioned as a value-add opportunity for buyers to capitalize on the strong demographics and surprising scarcity of standalone memory care competitors to build a more premium, differentiated offering through a targeted capital improvement plan and the conversion of semi-private units

Blueprint conducted a targeted marketing campaign to local, regional, and national seniors housing operators and investors targeting a focused buyer attracted to a smaller but high upside opportunity

After multiple offers were received, a regional owner-operator focused on Standalone Memory care was selected and Blueprint worked hand-in-hand with the Buyer and Seller to close through volatility in both community performance and the capital markets environment

A Storey Book Ending

Blueprint advises national private equity seller on exit from last Standalone Memory Care asset

Alex Florea

Giancarlo Riso

Amy Sitzman

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