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Short and Sweet

Sale of a 108-bed skilled nursing facility in Dayton, Ohio
Blueprint provides tailored solution to non-profit seller to deliver optimal transaction execution in Ohio
Blueprint was retained by the non-profit seller to formulate an exit strategy and determined the fair market of the asset was less than the HUD loan obligations, advising a short sale process as the best course of action

The well-maintained community was built in 1975 and had recently struggled with survey issues and financial insolvency - Blueprint positioned the offering as a value-add opportunity, identifying distinct upside in several achievable cost control measures for an incoming operator

Utilizing its broad network of market participants, Blueprint engaged capital providers, operators, attorneys, lenders, and HUD contacts to effectuate short sale approval over a six-month period

Blueprint identified a private equity owner-operator as the optimal buyer for its ability to execute OTA/APA prior to HUD approval and close all-cash

Blueprint's process led to a successful outcome for all parties involved and closing in under 25 days following HUD approval

Connor Doherty

Ryan Kelly

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