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Omaha, NE CCRC

Sale of 394-bed CCRC in Omaha, Nebraska
Blueprint is pleased to announce the successful sale of Skyline Manor, a 394-bed CCRC located in Omaha, Nebraska. Blueprint represented the trustee appointed by the US Bankruptcy Court in a 363 sale.
Blueprint orchestrated an auction process for the sale driven by a Stalking Horse bidder.

Blueprint conducted a rigorous process involving over 70 qualified parties generating a high level of interest resulting in ten property tours.

Blueprint utilized its vast and intricate network of investors and operators to thoroughly vet the market for qualified potential purchasers on behalf of its client.

The Stalking Horse bidder eventually selected was approved by the US Bankruptcy court at a price of $13,000,000, a bid that withstood the auction overbid process.

Steve Thomes

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