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The existing asset had a previously strong operating history, though was not able to be conveyed with the license intact. Despite this challenge, Blueprint was able to create demand from multiple operators based on growing market need and a favorable reimbursement environment
Blueprint deployed a targeted campaign to identify and negotiate lease terms with behavioral healthcare-focused operators that were acceptable to the client. Ultimately, after a thorough process and LOI negotiations, a national substance abuse operator, whom Blueprint had previously closed with, was selected as the ideal tenant for the asset based on lease terms and execution capability

In addition to identifying appealing lease terms, creditworthiness and the ability to mobilize quickly were key components of the assignment. Blueprint procured multiple LOIs throughout the engagement process resulting in a new relationship with strong credit for the landlord and a highly sought-after state and location for the operator


Neither Fiction Nor-Folklore

Blueprint’s Behavioral Healthcare team successfully advised a national behavioral healthcare real estate investor with the re-tenanting of a substance abuse treatment center located in the Norfolk, Virginia metro area

Andrew Sfreddo

Gunnar Raney

Shane Harmon

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