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Multi-State Mashup

Sale of a portfolio of four skilled nursing facilities totaling 400 beds
Blueprint executed the sale process on behalf of an East Coast-based owner-operator focused on skilled nursing investments
Three of the facilities are in the greater Boston market and one is located in eastern Georgia between Atlanta and Savannah. Blueprint assisted in pairing two regionally-focused operating groups with a single real estate acquirer based in the Southeast. This structure provided for a streamlined process and closing, as well as increased execution likelihood for all parties. At the time of sale, the communities were operating in excess of $2.5 million in EBITDAR with revenues in excess of $29 million. Additionally, portfolio occupancy was a secure 88%.

Blueprint marketed the opportunity to its network of both real estate investors and operationally-minded buyers. The process yielded several competitive offers and Blueprint worked with its client to select two regionally-focused operators-one for each geographic region of the portfolio. Following the selection of the operators, Blueprint introduced the growth-focused, Georgia-based investor to the Massachusetts operator. This introduction resulted in the real estate investor providing a compelling offer to acquire all four facilities with two independent leases for each operating partner. Blueprint then transitioned to facilitating an efficient closing process.

Steve Thomes

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