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Sale of Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility in Maine
Blueprint maintains collaborative approach to ensure optimal execution
Located along the picturesque coast of Maine just south of Portland, the transaction included two communities, a 57-unit assisted living and community and a 41-unit memory care community, developed in 1996 and 1997, respectively.

Blueprint positioned the offering as a competitively priced opportunity to enter desirable markets with limited competition and high market occupancies.

By running a confidential process targeting regional operators as well as national investors, Blueprint ensured that every viable offer for this unique opportunity would be evaluated, resulting in optimal execution for the REIT client.

Despite the fluctuations in occupancy and disruptions in the capital markets, Blueprint stayed the course and brought in several viable offers from interested acquirers within the New England market and larger, nationally focused investors. Working collaboratively with the client to identify the right offer proved to be especially prudent in this dynamic market.

The selected acquirer was a Massachusetts-based owner-operator with communities within this market and throughout New England.

Ben Firestone

Steve Thomes

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