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Constructed in the late 1980s in a prominent suburb of Cleveland, the purpose-built seniors housing community features 102 independent living units
Blueprint marketed the asset as a prime opportunity to acquire a stabilized, cash flowing, and well-occupied community with competitive upside through a capital deployment plan

Blueprint targeted a mix of national, regional, and local buyers and received seven offers, all from highly credible acquirers. The selected bidder, a private Northeast-based investor, brings significant multifamily experience into the independent living sector

The success of this acquisition underscores Blueprint's capability to deliver results in a timely and effective manner, reinforcing its position as a leader in real estate transactions within the Midwest region

Blueprint, with execution support from a multifamily-focused institutional broker, proactively guided the transaction through all aspects of negotiation and due diligence ensuring a smooth transition


Guardians of Opportunity

Blueprint runs strategic divestiture process to maximize value for independent owner/operator in Cleveland

Connor Doherty

Ryan Kelly

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