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For Our Friends in New York

Portfolio sale of five skilled nursing facilities located in the state of New York
The 460-bed offering was regionally clustered in the western part of the state, where the Blueprint team recently sold a two building 320-bed skilled nursing portfolio at a rate of $100,000 per bed
Blueprint capitalized on the momentum created by previously setting an aggressive and competitive market, and then used its expertise to deliver one of the most highly-qualified and credible buyers in the region. The precision-strike process created surety of close for the seller, a Los Angeles-based real estate investor who sought a selective and confidential disposition strategy for its non-core assets in the state.

With total revenues of $31,800,000 at the time of sale, an occupancy rate of 84%, and a 30% quality payor mix, the New York-based buyer pursued the opportunity to expand its presence and leverage strong geographic synergies.

Christopher Hyldahl

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