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Located in Cincinnati, the facility opened in 2013 featuring a large rehabilitation center and state-of-the-art aquatic therapy room, in addition to all-private resident rooms
Citing a desire to recycle capital and pay down maturing debt obligations, Blueprint was enlisted to spearhead the transaction on behalf of the exiting local owner-operator. The seller, looking to shift their focus to alternative asset classes, sought Blueprint's expertise in navigating the complexities of the healthcare real estate market

Through its tailored marketing campaign, Blueprint sourced a well-capitalized owner-operator seeking to expand and increase operational leverage within the Cincinnati market

Blueprint played a pivotal role in facilitating the due diligence process and navigating negotiations, ensuring a seamless and successful transition of ownership


Cinci-natural Fit

Blueprint runs highly-targeted campaign and maximizes execution certainty for local owner-operator

Connor Doherty

Ryan Kelly

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