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Big Sale on Campus

Sale of Brentwood Healthcare, a 450-bed skilled nursing campu consisting five buildings located in the heart of the Dallas metro area
The seller, a reputable Texas-based owner-operator, and buyer, a California-based owner-operator with a large skilled nursing presence in the state, had previously transacted together
Blueprint was initially engaged by the seller to sell five separate facilities, one of which was Brentwood Healthcare. Three facilities were sold, and the remaining two were leased to the buyer, including Brentwood Healthcare.

The lease included an option to buy the two remaining properties at year five for a set price. The parties, however, agreed to strike the lease option and engaged Blueprint to help negotiate the immediate sale of Brentwood Healthcare. Ultimately, Blueprint assisted in structuring a favorable solution benefiting both parties.

The purchase price was $20 million or approximately $44,000 per bed.
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